6.99 Loot Bags - Items tagged as "Craft"

Name Brand Toys and Favourite Themes in a ready made Loot Bag.

All our loot bags come wrapped in a cello bag with tag on the top, ready for handing out.

View all 0 1 10 11 12 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 action adult adventure alien aliens all ages amazing animal animals annikin art asajj ventress astronomey astronomy atlantis Avengers bag bat batman beads beanie beanie baby beanie boo beany beenie beeny big bird big eyes binks bird bo boo book books boos boots booz Bosk bowling boy boy loots boys bugs build building bumble bee bus c3po calgary cammallri camp canada canadians candle candy canuks car cars Castles cat catboy chapter chima cinderella clearance cloth club collectibles colour wonder colouring comedy comic cookie corporate cottage count craft crayola cup cake cupcake dc disney princess dogs doll dolls dooku dora duplo edmonton educational elmo emperor eyes fart figures flames flowers funny garden gekko gender gender neutral girl girls girls lego glitter glow glow bowling glow in the dark glow loot gomez grade 1 grade 2 grade 3 groot groots grover grow alien grut grute guardian hair hearts hero hockey holiday hot wheels hotwheels humour iginla indian jones indiana infant insects invasion jar jar jedi joke jokes kermit kindergarden kindergarten kit kit fisto kitten laser loot bag laser tag lego lego city lego club litlest litttlest loot loots luke magic magnifying glass maple leafs marbels marble marty marvel mcdonald mcfarlene min figs mini fig mini figs minifigure minifigures mixals mixels monster montreal music musical mystical nature neutral nhl ningago ninja ninjago noises normal nute gunray obi oilers onaconda farr optimus oscar ottawa outdoor owlette palpatine parrot paw paw patrol lootbags pawpatrol pen perisa pets phaneup pink Pirate pirates plane play doh play dough playground plo koon plush pokamon pokeman poki pokiman poprocks poqui power miners pretend play pretty primal clash prime prince princes princess puppies purse raiders rainbow rainbow bands reader readin reading red reindeer robin rocket rthym rudolf rudolph rythm santa Santa Claus school section senators sesame street shop shopkin skye skywalker smyth soft space spezza spider spider-man sponge sports star wars sticker stickers storm trooper story story book stuff summer sun and moon super superhero tea party teacher team canada teen teenage mutant ninja turtle thor toddler toews top toronto toys transformers travel treat tricks trucks turtle tv ty ty beanie bo ty beanie boo ty beany boo unicorn unicorns unisex valentines vancouver vehicles vintage wan watto whoopie wood wood toys write xy yoyo yrs

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