9.99 Loot Bags

Premium Loot Bags ready for your party. The Kids will love em!

All our loot bags come wrapped in a cello bag with tag on the top, ready for handing out.

View all 0 1 10 11 12 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 96mm adult angry birds anikin animal animals ant art artisitic arts atv arrest babies baby baby girl back to school bag balet ballet bear bears beatle bedtime bee bella blue books boy boy loots boys bug bugs butterfly calgary camera cammallri camp canada canadian canadians canuks car cars case cell phone christmas clearance clone collectors cottage craft crayola cream creator cross cuddly cute dance dancing deluxe doctor doh doug drawing dress dress up edmonton educational elmo eyes fashion figures flames flash flowers football freinds frozen gamer garden gardening gender gift girl girl minifigs girls girls lego girly gloves gomez good goovey gripping grow guitar Halloween heart hearts hippie hockey horse hot wheels hotwheels iginla inch infant insect insects japanese japanimation jedi jewel jewelry jr jungle buggy kindergarden kindergarten kit lady learn led lego lego city lego loots light lights lip gloss litter lizards loots lounging make up makeup maple leafs mcdonald mcfarlene melissa min figs minifigure minifigures money montreal music necklace neutral newborn NHL ningago ninja ninjago nintendo noise normal nursery oilers ottawa paint painting paints partner party dress phaneup pick pink play play doh play dough plush pokamon pokeman poki pokiman poqui pretty price pride primal clash princes princess puff purse racer rainbow reader reading robin rocket room rthym rythm rythmes school schoolastic science section senators sesame street sleep over smyth snowflake soccer soft spa spezza spider sports staff stamping star starwars stuffy summer sun sun and moon sunglasses superhero team canada teen teeth toddler toews tooth tootoo top toronto train travel trucks turtle tuttu tutu tween unicorn valentines vancouver vehicle vehicles video violin wallet wars water colour wood xy yodo yrs zoo

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