About Us

Yes there is a real Loot Lady. My name is Carol Ledden-Cusson and my husband (Bob) I and have been making and selling loot bags since 2000.  My background is in childcare and I was a part time College Teacher for 7 yrs in Early Childhood Education at Sheridan College and Canadian Mothercraft. Understanding child development plays a big part in designing loot bags that the kids will enjoy and that please the parents.  Bob is a proud Grandfather of 4 children and enjoys helping me with the loot bags.  When we are in busy season or have larger orders we have some great part time Loot Ladies to help out.  Each order is important to us. Whether it is a large corporate event or a special loot bag for one child.

Feel free to call anytime with questions or if you are looking for suggestions on what will work for your child's age and your budget.

Here we are after winning best retail - Gem of the Lakeshore 2016

3029 (Rear Door) Lake Shore Blvd. West, Toronto ON
M8V 1K5 416-503-9108


Basement Warehouse Rear Door - Order Pick Up Only  Mon-Fri 10am-3pm usually but not always, or by appointment.  *must pre order, no walk ins.
Plus:we deliver too, just give us a call. 

Phone: 416 503-9108
Email carol@lootlady.com






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